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Ditch Your Glasses in Time for Summer Fun with iLasik from Fite Eye Center


Summer is just around the corner, and you’re probably looking forward to lots of outdoor activities. Unfortunately, glasses – and sometimes even contact lenses – can put a damper on summer fun. This summer can be different, though, if you have corrective iLasik surgery from Fite Eye Center. If you’re wondering, “what is iLasik?”  It is a more advanced version of traditional Lasik eye surgery. When a Fite Eye Center surgeon performs an iLasik procedure, no blade is used. Instead, the doctor uses two specialized lasers to painlessly correct your vision – often (90% of the time) to 20/20.

Reasons to Ditch Your Glasses and Get iLasik this Summer

If you’ve considered Lasik or iLasik before, here are a few good reasons to book your appointment for the best Lasik eye surgery in Michigan today – before the official start of summer.

  1. Vacation: Wouldn’t it be great to take off for your summer getaway without having to worry about packing or keeping up with your glasses or contact lenses? Or, have you ever broken your glasses or lost your contact lenses while traveling? It’s a pain if you don’t have backups. Instead, you can see all the sights, worry-free, after your iLasik procedure from Fite Eye Center.
  2. Swimming: It can be awkward to deal with prescription goggles at the pool or beach, and swimming in contact lenses isn’t advisable. However, after Lasik or iLasik, most former glasses-wearers can finally experience the joy of diving in at a moment’s notice.
  3. Sports: Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, basketball, volleyball, or impromptu soccer games in the backyard, you probably don’t like worrying about vision correction while in the middle of your favorite activity. After all, even the most comfortable glasses just get in the way. After eye Lasik surgery or an iLasik procedure, it’s very likely that glasses won’t interfere with your game for years to come.
  4. Summer Looks: Your glasses probably look great on you, but wouldn’t it be nice to get out from behind them to let your new summer looks really shine? Sure, you can always get contact lenses, but that just gives you more to keep track of – cases, solutions, and the lenses themselves. Most individuals who have iLasik love the freedom that comes from no longer dealing with vision-correcting devices.

If you’re convinced that iLasik surgery from Fite Eye Center is right for you, check out the qualification information provided by Dr. Fite and his team – the best Lasik doctors Michigan. You can also give us a call at (586) 765-0775 or reach out to us through the contact form on our website, and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.