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2018 Lasik Guide!


Have you heard about the new technology Ophthalmologists are using to perform the Lasik Procedure? This is called Intralase Lasik or iLasik for short. This new procedure uses a precision laser, instead of the traditional blade used for Lasik surgery. This creates a precise flap on the eye.

This new procedure is ideal for patients with thin corneas and with a fear of blades.

In an initial examination, your ophthalmologist will measure your eye. With the help of advanced iDesign technology, the surgeon will be able to create a 3D map of your eye. This helps the surgeon create a custom treatment for each patient. After this, the surgeon performs the surgery where he will utilize the Femtosecond Laser to create the flap and the advanced Excimer laser to reshape the cornea.

Another great benefit of this procedure is reduced recovery time. After the surgery patients can usually go back to work on the following day. As in many other surgeries, every patient is different, and the results may vary. However, iLasik has a great record for having a reduced need for re-treatments.

This procedure has a great success rate. Over 95% of people say they are happy with the results.

Fite Eye Center has created a complete guide explaining everything you need to know about this procedure. To download your free, copy the “2018 Lasik Guide eBook” go to

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