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Holiday Safety Tips from Fite Eye Center


Holiday Safety Tips from Fite Eye Center

For many Southeast Michigan residents, the holidays represent a festive and joyful time of the year, but, unfortunately, the holiday season also comes with potential hazards. For example, some holiday activities present eye safety risks. At Fite Eye Center, we want all current and potential patients to enjoy a fun and safe holiday season, so we have a few safety tips to pass along. We also offer the very best in Lasik eye surgery, cataract procedures, and general vision care.

How to Avoid Potential Eye Hazards During the Holidays

While celebrating during the holiday season, watch out for these potential hazards to keep children and other family members safe.

Decorating the Tree

There is no doubt that trimming the tree is a fun activity that brings families together. Yet, there are definite risks involved. For example, fragments from broken ornaments can scratch eyes and faces, and lights are also potentially hazardous if they break or explode.

Opening and Playing with New Toys

Experienced parents often dread the unpackaging of new toys because this packaging is frequently difficult to break open. Then, if the plastic breaks the wrong way, shards can scratch/cut faces and hands. So, always make sure that toys are opened with adult supervision.

Lighting and Watching Fireworks

New Year’s Eve is often celebrated with fireworks that cause thousands of eye injuries each year and are potentially dangerous. They are volatile and unpredictable, and children should never be allowed to use them on their own. Ideally, only adults should handle fireworks. Also, when viewing fireworks, everyone should keep a safe distance in case of fireworks misfire, explode, or go off in the wrong direction.

No matter what, keep your family’s eyes healthy all year long by making regular appointments with Dr. Fite and his team of ophthalmologists! Whether you need routine eye care such as glasses or contact lens prescriptions, eye surgery, or iLasik, Fite Eye Center is the perfect choice for everyone in Romeo, Clinton Township, and the surrounding areas.

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