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Benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery Over Glasses and Contacts


If you wear contacts or glasses, you’ve probably accepted them as part of your daily routine. LASIK eye surgery can sound unnecessary since you have your current solution and even a little scary. But, when you consider the many benefits of LASIK eye surgery over glasses or contacts, the decision becomes a no-brainer.

Contacts and glasses are expensive

One of the biggest reasons people shy away from LASIK surgery is the upfront cost. On average, it costs about $5,000. However, if you consider the thousands and thousands of dollars you’ll spend getting eye exams and replacing glasses and contacts over the next 30 years of your life at least, then that one-time $5,000 becomes a great investment.

You have to replace contacts and glasses often

Contacts, whether they’re daily or 2-week pairs, need consistent replacement. This presents not only the problem of repeated costs but also running out of them and being left with nothing. If you have glasses, they need to be protected and maintained. One simple accident can put them out of commission, leaving you in a blurry world until they’re fixed.

Contacts collect germs

You need to be diligent about keeping your contacts sanitary. Contacts and contact holders can become Petri dishes of germs that cause eye infections if not taken care of correctly. This risk increases when you’re on your last pair of contacts and have to wear them beyond the recommended time while you wait to restock your supply.

You can’t wear contacts and glasses in every situation

If you lead an active lifestyle, you’ve found with some annoyance that you can’t always wear your contacts or glasses when you need them. Swimming, for example. The water will wash the contacts right out of your eyes, so you have to swim without them in the first place. It’s less enjoyable to swim or play sports when you can’t see clearly what’s going on.

Putting in contacts is just one more thing you have to do

While it doesn’t take a lot of time, you do have to plan around it. Needing to sterilize your hands and, for most people, having a mirror available can be a hassle in certain situations. Say you’re camping and you’re ready to start the day. You’ll have to find an area without dirt or dust and have your hand sanitizer and mirror on hand if you want to see what you’re doing. Plus, you have to take time out of your schedule for yearly eye exams to make sure your prescription stays effective.

Contacts can injure your eyes

The act of putting in and taking out your contacts exposes you to the risk of a painful cornea scratch. This will inflame and irritate your eye, requiring special eye drops to heal faster. This risk increases when contacts are worn beyond the recommended usage. Older contacts are more likely to have tears or abrasive surfaces that will hurt your eyes.

Fite Eye Center | LASIK Eye Surgery

If you’ve ever thought about how nice it would be to have 20/20 vision without the hassle of contacts or glasses, then we have a solution for you! With just a one-time surgery and a quick recovery period, LASIK eye surgery can return your vision to perfection. No more eye exams, no more shelling out money for more contacts, no more losing or breaking your glasses. Just perfect vision from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, no matter what you want to do in between.

To learn more about our LASIK eye surgery procedures and costs, give us a call or send in an online contact form so that we can answer every question you have!

You can reach our Romeo office at (586) 336-1279 and our Clinton Township office at (586) 765-0775.

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